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We launched our ‘CATCH on Wheels’ concept offering consultancy and youth empowerment support to other organisations. We also supported Leeds City Council to start youth activities at the Nowell Mount Community Centre helping them with our expertise to build an extension to the centre to facilitate more space for young people.

We were hit by the covid pandemic but this did not stop us from carrying out essential work in the community! We continued to offer covid safe activities for young people – due to limited numbers allowed we ended up running more sessions. This was vital resource for vulnerable young people. We also setup a food bank on site supporting Leeds City Council and partner organisations with referrals. This became a daily task – collecting food donations and distributing parcels to households. We even made use of our double decker bus and temporarily converted this into a food bank.

We used this period to do more outdoor work – converting shipping containers into useable spaces such as a music studio. We expanded our farm and added more goats! We also built a Peace Garden in memory of our Café Manager Anne White.

This year demonstrated the power of volunteers, businesses and services coming together to help those desperately in need!

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