Partnerships & Collaborations

Everything we do is about collaboration; our success depends on us working with others who share our vision and ambition. We work across all sectors, bringing together young people, the community, local authority, public services and businesses to support us in achieving our vision, whilst helping them further their objectives.

By working together, we can create a stronger and fairer society for everyone. With shrinking budgets, resources and increasing challenges we can share resources, expertise and avoid unnecessary duplication.

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We create a safe space for young people so that we can empower and develop them, nurture their creativity, bring out their best and listen to their ideas. A huge part of this is building strong positive relationships and working with young people so that they make healthier choices in the present to have positive futures. We also help other organisations set up new youth provisions and offer our expertise on youth engagements.

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Schools/Colleges /Universities

We work together to ensure young people are kept engaged in education, make better informed choices and develop their pathways to further/higher education. We also work together to look at how we can better support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, breaking down barriers so they have better outcomes.

catch charity community partnerships community


Together we address local issues impacting young people, families and individuals such as environmental concerns, community safety and health and well-being. We offer our space as a much-needed community hub where everyone is welcome. We believe that we are well positioned to raise awareness about key challenges faced by the community.

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Public Services

Together we tackle local, regional and national priorities. We build trust and confidence with communities and young people. We believe our public services must reflect the communities they serve, we therefore focus much of our work on promoting diversity, equality and inclusion through programmes, championing for change and innovating with our partners.

catch charity community partnerships public authority

Local Authority

We collaborate within local neighbourhood and city wide priorities as equal partners. We believe that communities and organisations like ours hold some of the solutions to today’s complex challenges. We work together on sustainable outcomes for people and places by bringing a wealth of experience, skills to design and transform services.

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Business Sector

We work together to grow, develop and sustain CATCH through donations of food, materials, equipment, services and in-kind support. Through this partnership approach we have developed a much-needed resource for the community and kept our capital and core costs to a minimum. We have also pioneered new approaches to co-produce programmes and opportunities for young people.

Your support is important to us!

CATCH relies on your generous donations to keep the lights on! Our community space provides a much needed hub for the community in particular for vulnerable young people, so they have somewhere safe to go, something to do and someone to talk to 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.