Restore is an off-site educational provision managed by Carr Manor Community School supporting a number of secondary schools, on a referral basis, within the Leeds area during school term time. Restore is based within its own purpose built classrooms within our CATCH premises.
Restore is staffed with specialist learning mentors and works with a range of external partner organisations to maximise the learning and development of young people.

The Restore Offer

Restore is focused on respite and reintegration. During a young person’s placement at Restore their educational, behavioural and social needs can be addressed with a view to them returning promptly, as appropriate, to mainstream education. Restore aims to provide a safe and enriching environment for children to learn and develop academically, socially and emotionally, whilst cultivating a sense of empathy and understanding of the world in which they exist and how their actions impact both themselves and those around them.

Through a holistic, restorative, pupil centred approach, Restore aims to develop young people, so that they visit only once and return to mainstream education with an increased willingness to be there and to learn. Inclusive practice is at the centre of all the work carried out with young people.

This collaborative approach between CATCH and schools, also aims to engage pupils in extracurricular youth activities which will provide them with social and life skills.

We work with several secondary schools in the Leeds area. If you are a secondary school and would like to enquire about referring pupils to the Restore provision please e-mail us.

restore managed by Carr Manor Community School
restore managed by Carr Manor Community School
restore managed by Carr Manor Community School
restore managed by Carr Manor Community School

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