Thank you to all our partners, supporters, funders and sponsors over the years

We are grateful for all of the individuals and organisations who have helped us to make a positive impact in the lives of young people we serve. From our sponsors and partners to our supporters and funders, your contributions have allowed us to provide hope and opportunities to the communities we serve.

Thanks to the support of our sponsors, we have been able to offer a safe and supportive environment to young people from diverse backgrounds, helping them to grow and thrive.

Our youth program has had a tremendous impact, offering sports, arts, education, and volunteer opportunities that have generated huge benefits for the participants. These experiences have helped young people to develop important life skills, build self-esteem and confidence, and make positive contributions to their communities. We are grateful for all of our sponsors, past and present, for their support in making these positive outcomes possible.

Your support is important to us!

CATCH relies on your generous donations to keep the lights on! Our community space provides a much needed hub for the community in particular for vulnerable young people, so they have somewhere safe to go, something to do and someone to talk to 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.